Project Description

Client: Woods of Spring Grove Apartments
Location: Houston, TX
Year Completed: 2016
The Woods of Spring Grove apartments are located  on the west side of Houston.  Liberty Builders completed an exterior remodel of the 16 multifamily buildings as well as an interior and exterior remodel of the clubhouse and office area.

More Details

Exterior renovations included painting all buildings and replacing cedar wood. The front entryway to the office was remodeled with stone sidewalks leading from the street to the door.  New maintenance sheds and pergolas were added on the property. We replaced the pool and added stone around the pool.  A nice outdoor grilling area was added, as well as a new playground area for the kids.  In addition to new landscaping touches, LED lighting was added around the property.  At the office, we did exterior work and completely renovated the interior.  Inside, we added new flooring, cabinets, and a new workout area.